Friendly and caring nursery staff in Durrington

The right guidance and support can go a long way in shaping the skills and character of children. At Bright Kiddies, we make sure your little one gets all the care and guidance he or she needs for academic as well as overall development.

Donna Butler (Manager and safeguarding lead)

Jodi Hillier (deputy manager and senco)

Charlene Cork (key worker zebra group senco support)

Jayne Diamond Levy (key worker monkey group)

Zoe Dixon (key worker giraffe group)

Emma Campbell (key worker crocodile group)

Julia Godfrey (Key Support Worker)

Responsible and reliable staff

Our staff at Bright Kiddies are highly-qualified and fully trained to not just take care of your child during the day, but also have a positive influence on them. The childcare facility is owned and managed by Donna Butler. Our pre-school staff include:

  • Donna Butler – Manager And Safeguarding Lead
  • Jodi Hillier – Deputy Manager
  • Jayne Diamond-Levy
  • Charlene Cork
  • Zoe Dixon
  • Emma Campbell
  • Julia Godfrey

In addition to our regular staff, we also have students pursuing BTEC or NVQ childcare and education certificates who help us. They are under our supervision at all times when they interact with the children.

Developing the next generation

In our setting we encourage independence, I can do attitude and a strong sense of self belief.

Personalised sessions

Our nursery sessions are flexible and offer you the choice based on your requirements. Talk to us for more information.

To speak with our nursery staff at Bright Kiddies in Worthing, call us on: